Saturday, January 3

Raw Milk

I had been mulling over in my mind a post to share with my fellow So Cal nourished bloggy friends how, where & when they could obtain a 'deal' on fresh RAW MILK straight from the company....but Cheeseslave beat me to it.  Please check out her wonderfully informative post & go show Sean & the good folks at Organic Pastures some love & support, they deserve it!  (Do you know how hard they are fighting, on a constant basis, to keep Raw Milk legal...?)
Anyway, I asked if I could mix & match my 10 Dairy items to earn a freebie & he so graciously allowed it!  So cool!  I know I can freeze it, but I didn't really have a lot of space in my freezer to stock up, so I got 2 milks for me, 2 for a friend, & 7 Creams!  (2 for mom & 1 for a friend at work who's trying the Maker's Diet & was curious)  Next time I'll stock up on Milk, and maybe instead of making the trip every 2 weeks, I can aim for once a month.  
I shared the concept of "raw milk" with a friend at work & I am really hoping she tries it so I can share a true life success story!  She has Lactose Intolerance (newly, as an adult) and her daughter is always sick & has allergies... Also, another friend's little boy was born allergic to SO many things, so I brought her some from my 'run' on Saturday & am anxious to hear how it treats him!...
In the meantime, instead of biting your nails waiting for updates on these stories, please take moment to check out this site & voice your God-given freedoms to vote for the legalization of Raw Milk!!  Thanks

My friend's little boy had raw milk yesterday & NO allergic reactions!!! I'm so stoked!

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Erin said...

My friend's little boy had raw milk today & NO allergic reactions!!! I'm so stoked!

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