Saturday, January 3

My Fridge

Well, in the spirit of New Year's resolutions and all that, I could decided this morning that I simply could not start 2009 with my fridge the way it was.  I had been reading lots of blogs where folks were brave enough to show the contents of their refrigerators, and they were always clean, neatly organized & filled with only "good" ingredients :)  
I realized there was no way I could let ANYONE see mine until I cleaned it up & got rid of some of the yuckies growing inside!  ;)  Gross!  I also went ahead & threw out those yucky salad dressings that I never ate anyway & were filled with so many things on my "bad" list: Corn Syrup,  Canola Oil & MSG!  
Ok, so it took a couple of hours because I also inventoried every last little thing and it was amazing how much tupperware & how many jars I freed up to store new "good stuff" in!
More later on the inventory & how I plan to use it...


Jenny said...

I deep-cleaned ours recently too. There was some god-awful smell from some sludge beneath the crisper drawer. I still don't know what it was - and I don't want to know either!

Erin said...

I must admit that was a big part of why I finally got around to Cleaning Out & Re-Organizing my fridge, I simply couldn't stand opening the door any longer! LOL
Here's to brutal honesty in Blogging! ;)

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