Wednesday, January 14

The Quest - Part 1 - Minty Fresh?

OK!  I've decided to dramatically cut my food budget, and one step I'm taking that is helping (or I'm very much hoping that it will really help) make this easier for me is: - I added the App to my iPhone (but you can totally use this w/o an iPhone - don't use this as an excuse to not try it if you need help!) & can access it easily from your home computer.  
It sets up your budget, you load in ALL your credit cards, all your checking accounts, even saving accounts & investments and it tracks everything for you & gathers updates on activity & transactions directly from your banks, so there's almost NO lame, time-sucking data entry!  
I LOVE it!  It sends email alerts warning you of large purchases & deposits, and when bills are due, but the BEST thing so far (for me in the quest of lowering my grocery budget) is it warns you when you are over your set budget amount!!!   It even tells you what you normally spend! 

Isn't that great!  I really thing this is going to help me stay on track with my spending.  
So far, this month I've only spent $23 on Groceries, my budget is set at $350....if you've met me, you KNOW this is nothing short of a miracle!  The old me was notorious for WAY overspending on groceries (and then letting at least half of the produce rot in the fridge while we ate out every other night!)  

This month after the first week (that was still 'the Holidays' & we lived it up!), we set a "no eating out" rule & my DS/DH have been pretty darn supportive.  We've been tempted, but have stayed the course, which makes me so proud, it's SO empowering to think we are actually capable of this!  Woo Hoo!


Cheeseslave said...

OMG we are twins! You even posted your fridge. And you cooked with Julia???? That is AWESOME!

Are you on Twitter or Facebook?

Add me if you are

Erin said...

Hey Ann Marie, will to (but I don't twitter - not yet anyway!)
Yes, Julia was an amazing lady! I am so honored to have had that experience.
I really want to know where you get ground beef for $2.60 - don't suppose you'd share that li'l tidbit...?

Cheeseslave said...

I screwed up -- I thought it was $4 for 1.5 pounds but really it's $4 per pound. My mistake!

Erin said...

well, that's still a great price, right? I think OP is still $6 for 1.5/lb...So I guess that works out the same, huh? (Math is NOT my strong suit! LOL)
I just wish the HUB store had it on a more regular basis - I'm working on trying to figure out how to get a meat order from them but being able to pick it up from Sean at the HUB...(I HATE paying for shipping!)

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