Sunday, January 25

The Grain Silo

So... my cup runneth over.  Joe looked at me the other day & said "I think I need a project, I need a creative outlet every now & then..."  So I said, "Make me a storage bench."  And so he did.
When we bought the stools for the Bar in the kitchen, I bought 3, but we really only needed 1 or 2... so Joe used that '3rd wheel' as a frame for the bench...
Joe doesn't have a table saw & several other tools necessary, so he took the whole project over to the Chu's & Tony was very helpful!  (Thanks Tony!)
This is what the stool looked like, before he cut it in half! (Pay NO attention please to my filthy dishwasher in the back round!)

Ta- Da!  Here's the finished product! 

Here's Joe, reluctantly posing for a "proud moment" snap.

Here's the back, and the genius of the design:  If we need extra seats at the table, we can pull it away from the wall & use the back as the front (on the bench) so whoever is sitting on it can still put their feet on the bar...but when it's a storage area, it will fit my bread maker & several big sacks of grain!  Perfect timing too!  My big Azure order will come in a week!  I can't wait to fill up my new "grain silo"

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