Thursday, January 22

Found a CSA! oh the J-O-Y ! ! !

Ok, so I've been looking for a great local source for a CSA box, but I've been having TONS of challenges as none seem to be local.  Actually, I take that back (sorta).  I found on in my county, BUT (and boy is it s BIG BUT!) they are not organic!!  Imagine that!  Why bother? ;(
Anyhoo, so my friend, Tami, who's been on this quest with me of late used to have deliveries a long time ago, in her old house, in her old neighborhood, in a different town and in fact, in a different county!!!
The service she used to use has merged with SPUD.  When she researched & discovered this, we decided to try it, sounds great & you can control what you get, add extra items, etc...BUT, they do not deliver to my county!!   I think maybe you are beginning to sense my building frustration here!  We live in what is seriously one of the 'farmiest' areas around!  It's ridiculous to me that on the 40 minute drive to visit my folks, who live at the beach, I pass countless farms and NONE of them are organic, and NONE of them do a produce box delivery!  Arrggghhh!
**Deep Cleansing Breath**
So, we actually talked another friend into 'hosting' our SPUD box delivery & agreed to only order every other week (to keep within our budgets & cut down on her 'put-outed-ness' (yes I'm aware that is not really a word!)   So this other friend, although she graciously agreed to host our SPUD boxes, asked around & found a site that helps you locate CSA's in your neighborhood..(I had actually checked this site a while back, but didn't come up with anything in my county..) Anyhoo, this time, I broadened my search & found Tierra Miguel & it is awesome!  The only problem is that the actual farms are about 120 miles from us & they have a strict policy to only deliver within a 100 mile range....ok, I can live with that.  If we order bi-weekly boxes & take turns then I'll only have to pick up once a mont, right?  Not the end of the world, except I already do milk runs twice a month & now I'm adding a quarterly Azure Standard yah, I'm not loving the idea of driving 20 miles to pick up my produce too!
So last night I get an email from Tami saying she found a different CSA & to wait & check this one out.  So last night I stopped by & we looked at it together while my darling husband sat there patiently...the best part is that there is a drop point not only right here IN MY COUNTY, but right here in my town, within about 5 miles of my house & the delivery time is at 1pm on Saturdays!  Awesome, I can totally fit that in my schedule!
OMGosh!  It's amazing!  I am so impressed with what I've seen & signed up last night when I got home & am eagerly awaiting my first box (next Saturday 1/31) - Check back with me for my first impressions...
It's so nice, when you sign up, you choose a small or large box, each week you can see what will be in your box, you can add on extra items, like raw milk, nuts, chicken beef, lamb, a case of seasonal fruit (you bet I'll be taking advantage of that for making my jam on a seasonal basis)!! Tonight I watched every single video interview with all the farmers, saw how my boxes will be packed & 'met' (virtually) all the folks that are responsible for bringing me & my family & friends the freshest, most seasonal & sustainable produce!!  
I realize I'm not the first blogger to point this concept out, but I sincerely hope my enthusiasm will capture your attention, your curiosity & that you will pursue something like this on your own life!  Drop me a comment & let me know!

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