Monday, February 9

Pay it Forward

So...I was reading this lovely blog I found called Chop Wood, Carry Water and I saw this button, so I clicked and fell down this rabbit hole of the idea of giving, or really "gifting".
Amy found it on this blog... basically I will send a little home made 'gift' to the first three people who sign up on my blog to participate, they in turn will do the same on their blog, etc...
I think it's a really neat idea, because all of us have different & unique talents & it's really fun to share (and maybe show off just a tad! lol), but really just to share!  To have an opportunity to say thank you to a fellow blogger who has a unique talent that YOU can appreciate!  
So c'mon, jump on this band wagon with me!  I promise you won't regret it!


Amy said...

Woo-hoo! That looks fabulous--good work you computer savvy chef! :)

Thanks for the kind words!!

Erin said...

well, thanks for the inspiration! ;)

Amy said...

I'm signed up! Look at us renegades, flouting the rules! Hee hee.

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