Sunday, February 8

Kombucha 4

YUM!  Joe liked the plain better, but I am LOVING the Craisin version!  I had Kanan taste it (my almost 13 year old who likes my homemade bread, but shuns many of my other 'healthy' creations), I told him it was like a fizzy apple juice.  
He tried it & I asked him what he thought it was...(at this point I told him it was called "Kombucha" and that it was a tea drink) he said it reminded him a little of pickles!  (YES!  My child is brilliant!)  I said that was SO right, "vinegary" is an oft-ascribed attribute of Kombucha. 

I bottled batch #2 tonight & got 3 bottles this time, so I did a Plain, a Craisin & a Ginger - I originally bought the bottles to make ginger beer (which I have yet to do!) so, if my ginger laced Kombucha turns out nicely, I may never have to...


twoandtwinsmom said...

I like how you changed the name of your blog to include the bacon. Awesome! Also, that stuff looks gross. Not sure if I am ready to go there...but, on a lighter note, just did a 5 grain sprouted loaf that is the best of any that I have made. The flavor is FABULOUS! Love it!

Erin said...

Why, thanks, Tam!
I'm still tinkering with it quite a bit, not there yet! But I liked adding Bacon rather than just flat out changin' it.
Yummy, 5 grain sprouted huh? I'll have to try that, I'm going to bak on Wed, since we played hooky from 'real life' tonight & took the kiddo to the movies! ;)
Oh, and I really need the recipe for that delicious tender & moist chocolate mocha cake!! Pretty Please?

Erica said...

Ginger flavored Kombucha is my favorite! I bet it will turn out fantastic :)

Erin said...

Hi Erica, I hope so!!! I love Ginger Beer, so I'm hoping it turns out a lot like that...;)
I'll let you know!

Emerald Green said...

you've inspired me to get back on the kombucha bandwagon! i tried growing my own SCOBY to no avail. ::sigh:: i guess i will keep hunting for a starter. thanks for these posts!

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