Sunday, February 8


So, I was SO excited to open my first CSA Box from Abundant Harvest Organics that I forgot to Blog about it, much less take pictures!  My bad!
So, to make it up to you ('cuz I know you've been sittin' there all week wondering what was in my box & how I served it!) lol's a detailed post about my second box:

There is this adorable little crate that collapses when you're done with it...I pop it in the trunk that way I don't forget to take it the following week!  I go thru the box & separate everything, putting them in green veggie bags or prepping them for immediate usage.

there's what was on the right side (under all that Spinach!)

And here's what was on the left side...

I still haven't used ANYTHING that came in this box except the Red leaf lettuce (used about 1/3 in a salad the other night) and the Yukon Gold potatoes (I made a Spanish Tortilla last night & enjoyed it cold with Sea Salt as a scrummy breakfast this morning!)

I LOVE Arugula, but haven't been doing 'dinner planning every night like I hoped, so I can only hope the green Veggie bags help keep everything fresh enough 'til the weekend! 


vehementflame said...

hey Erin, I answered your Kasha question. I don't know too much about Julia, but Jaques is my all time fave chef in the worls. You wouldn't of happened to meet him to?:) I love how the produce section appears to have vomited in your kitchen. How will you ever clean that mess up?:

twoandtwinsmom said...

I decided I don't like arugula so much. Too bitter. Bleck. Or maybe I was eating something else? Anyway, next time we get it, maybe we can trade something...

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