Saturday, March 7

Azure Standard

Ok, so last month was our first GO with Azure & I think I can speak for Tami when I say we are in love!  *smile*
Here's a few snaps of our loot:
Tami is dividing up the grains (we shared Soft White Wheat, Hard Red, Kamut, Spelt, Oat Groats & Rye
We Split a 25 lb tub of Raw Honey (my leftover 32 oz Agave Nectar jugs worked out great for that!)
We split a box of pears, Tami took hers home & the Chu Babies devoured them in short order.  I made about 2 gazillion batches of jam. ;)
This was my share of grains!
We also split a 10 Doz. box of Fertile Eggs three ways (with Terri), they are huge & wonderful!  After a month, Tami only needed to buy another dozen form TJ's before our next order, Terri still had plenty  & I had just run out.  This month just Tami & I split, so 5 dozen each!  Woo hoo!

As I said, this was January, so we've ordered again, Tami bakes bread 2-3 times a week, so she was thrilled to get a 50 lb. bag of Red Wheat for like $30!  She's also kept up using Soft White for all her baked goods like cakes & cookies, etc... with a noticeably finer texture!  Awesome! 


Erica said...

Erin, that's awesome!! What a great haul :) We use SO many eggs here, 5 dozen would only last maybe 2 weeks lol :)

Amy said...

Wow! I'm so jealous. This stuff looks amazing!

vehementflame said...

you are so lucky ducky- i dont have a friend for a million miles that would eat what we eat and split up an order...sigh... I just recently bought a 50 lllb bag of sucanat and a 30 lb bag of organic rasins along with wheat berries and stuff- my next order is 7 grain rolled cereal and agave...

Erin said...

Erica, we ARE loving the eggs, although they are a substitute until I get me some chickens! Then I will have my own fresh green eggs to eat with my ham, Sam I Am....
Amy, doll, I feel for you being SO far away & SO entrenched in Snow! I do think your location must inspire you in some way, because I have no particular bent towards sewing the funnest little monkeys & knitting those adorable hats & purses!
VF, hun...I don't know what to say....I AM extremely blessed to have a mom who's always been a bi of health food freak & pretty recently inherited some friends...I WISH you lived closer so we could be REAL friends - I would share all kinds of crazy stuff with you, girl! ;)

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