Monday, March 16

Burritos for Dinner

Ok, so I had ordered some (3) Mary's Chicken Thighs thru my CSA, so I put them in a pan during a free moment over my crazy gardening weekend.  I tossed them with my gorgeous new Olive oil from Azure, it's 100% pure EVOO from Napa, yum... S&P & broiled 
them for about 15 minutes.  Then I dumped about a half a cup of Salsa
 (I haven't ventured into the world of lacto-fermented salsas yet, so for now, my old FAV, Herdez will just have to do) on top, covered with foil, lowered the oven to 350 degrees & baked it for about 30-45 minutes (I honestly can't remember...)  The meat should fall off the bones & it will be VERY easy to clean & shred...
Anyhoo, I let it cool while I did a bazillion other things & eventually I got around to cleaning it (taking off the skin, separating the bones & ick away),  so it's mostly shredded by then, just from that process.  I put it back in the salsa it was cooked in & threw it in the fridge.

Tonight was THE night...
I got home, pulled the frozen, but pre-soaked pintos out of the fridge.  Chopped & sauteed half a brown onion & a clove of garlic, in the pressure cooker.  I added Cayenne Pepper, S&P, Cumin & stirred, added the beans, added stock to cover the beans, stirred it all up, put the lid on, set to #1 & once it came to a boil, I cooked for 20 minutes.  Turned it off, checked & sure enough, the beans were cooked. I adjusted S&P & added a half a Jalapeno, let it simmer on low for awhile while I got other things going...
I grated cheese, raw goat cheddar & raw Jack.
I chopped up 2 organic tomatoes. 

I LOVE, did I say LOVE, cuz I mean LOVE these wonder Spelt Tortillas I found at Lassens, the are soft enough to almost be as 'normal' as white flour junk tortillas & they keep FOR-EVER!
I also sauteed onion, added some salsa & then threw it in Rice Cooker for some easy-peasy MexiRice.... remind me to never use Short Brown Rice again, kinda weird!..

So I heat the tortillas (dry) in a large skillet (YES I still own some nonstick, but I love my Berndes pans, so hard to switch!)
Put some Re-Fried Pintos (fried in Bacon grease, yummy!)
Top with cheese, chicken, some sour cream & salsa and you got Heavenly mexican food for dinner!

Update: a couple nights later I wasn't up to making dinner, so I told Joe to make it.  He started pulling things outta the fridge en masse, so, natch, I panicked & took over.  ;)  Can you spell control freak? (I can! ooh I can! Pick me!  E-R-I-N)
ok, back to the story... he'd found the leftover tortilla shells so I thought ok, there's leftover pintos too... and I always have cheese.  We'll just have bean & cheese burritos.  Then I remembered that I'd fried extra bacon on Sunday & it was in the in the fridge... when I asked Joe if he wanted bacon in his burrito, he said, are we making breakfast burritos?  So I thought about it for a sec and decided that was doable.
So we had Egg, Bacon, Pinto, Salsa, Sour Cream & Raw Jack Burritos, they we huge & messy as could be!  But man were they tasty!

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Erica said...

Ohhhhh, now that looks delicious! What a great meal :)

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