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So, guess what!? I missed the anniversary of my first blog post! I can't believe I did that! I knew it was coming & was planning to whip up a special post to mark the occasion....
Wait a sec! Did I say "I can't believe I did that!"??? I'm such a liar! Of course I can believe I missed it! Truth is I'm like that a lot! Life seem to be this crazy fast merry-go-round lately & I'm sometimes lucky I can remember my name! Sheesh!

Oh, I know! I have another really good excuse for forgetting! It was my sisters birthday & I was busy getting ready for her party that day! (Nov 9th, if you must know!)
Here's a few snaps of the food we celebrated with:
Local Organic Fuyu Persimmons (grown with care by Kanan's grandpa), crackers with Chevre & home made jams & marmalades & an authentic Spanish "Tortilla Espanola" (Potato omelette)
The Paella is about half way done, still too much liquid...
Isn't that just yummy looking, and pretty too!
It's Saffron rice, with chicken, sausage, shrimp, peas & a garnish of red peppers

So, back to my blogiversary....I'd planned on a sort of "before & after", a year of blogging & the differences in my life during this year...

We are still:
  • (mostly) Eating Nourishing food (raw milk, pastured & grass-fed meats, organic produce)
  • Making stock on a regular basis & use it more liberally in everyday cooking
  • Soak & sprout legumes, grains & nuts (I try to keep a stock of crispy pecans for baking)
We've added and maintained a few more things:
  • Sprout grains & grind fresh flour for my baking
  • Make sprouted whole grain breads on a pretty regular basis, hardly ever buy it
  • Make & Drink Kombucha & Water Kefirs
  • Raw Milk: yogurt, sour cream & buttermilk
  • Only use farm fresh eggs from HFF (no soy in their organic feed at all!)
  • Make a point to buy grass fed beef, lamb & milk fed heritage breed pork & wild caught/sustainable fish
  • I bought Coconut Oil & have incorporated it into several thing I make pretty regularly (Popcorn, baking, sautéing...). Recently I bought Coconut Ghee from Green Pastures (a combo of Grass-fed butter Ghee & EV coconut oil - it's DEE-lightful!
  • For butter I use Kerrygold almost exclusively, the exception is that for baking I use Trader Joe's unsalted, it's about half the cost & I feel what's so special about the Kerrygold is the flavor, I feel that is sorta lost in translation when you use it in baked the TJ's butter is a compromise, it's not organic or grass fed, but at least it's rBst free....
  • I made my own lard from milk fed pork fat - amazing! I also keep my bacon grease & use whenever appropriate - about 90% really good bacon
We tried but really haven't liked:
  • homemade lacto-ferments: I tried a bunch early on & didn't like them, kept in fridge to see if they'd taste better after time - NOPE
  • raw cream cheese, it was sour-ish & too loose to use in most recipes, just feel like it's too labor intensive to be worth it.
  • raw milk kefir, I made it very regularly in the beginning, but found I only used it for baking, soaking & smoothies. I did not enjoy it plain; sweetened was good, but not super fast & easy... so I never did that enough to stick with it....I find the buttermilk gets used more frequently for baking & is a simpler process....I still have the grains, maybe I'll try it again & see if I can find a way to make it work better for us....
Haven't tried & not sure we will:
  • Organ meats - not entirely true!! I did buy a beef heart (from HFF) & some really great grass fed stew meat from Whole Foods & ground that up to make my own ground beef. That is really tasty & I feel good knowing I'm able to 'handle' it. The boys don't really know about it, so don't say anything! ;)
Still need to work on or implement:
  • taking CLO - I bought Green Pastures' fermented CLO capsules, but haven't started taking them yet! What a dork!
  • adding more coconut oil to diet
  • oil pulling on a regular basis
  • exercise of some sort!
So there you have it, a brief review of our progress or lack there of... next year's comparison should be interesting! ;) I sense change in the air in the year to come....Stay tuned...

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twoandtwinsmom said...

Sheesh! Take the pills already!! Also, you could work on transitioning the milk kefir grains to water kefir. I saw a few sites on how to do that, in case you aren't going to use them for milk anymore...

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