Saturday, May 23

New Toys!!

Ok, I'm just bursting to share & who better to share these things with than YOU?   I've been so busy that I am SO far behind on my blogging!  

Last weekend I got a used Chest Freezer off Craiglist for agood price, it's almost liek new & works great!  It's about 4 ft wide, I think it's about 14 cubic ft...?  Anyhoo, it works GREAT!  I was so excited to transfer everything to it from my small stand up freezer & the tiny one in the house!  It looked very nice & organized for about 5 minutes! Naw, just kidding, it's still looking pretty good, I just REALLY need to get a 'working inventory list' going & stick with it so I always know what's in it!  See in the top left corner?  That's the Kitchen Aid ice cream maker attachment I just got last week (WHAT???  I had a gift card!)  So far I've tried an all RAW creamy Peach Ice Cream, Peach Sorbet & Strawberry Sorbet, I love that I can use honey in them!  Now I just need a source for raw goat's milk & I can give Laloo's a run for their money!  EIGHT DOLLARS a pint at Whole Foods (and ya can't get it anywhere else locally!) I don't think so! 

On Wednesday I received my Kitchen Mill!  I already used it! ;)

On Friday I noticed sprouts in my garden that I just seeded in the last 2 weeks!  YIPEE!

Today I received my dehyrator!   You can buy from Excalibur directly, I got a Refurbished model, because they come with a 10 yr warranty & the lower price on it allowed me to get the bigger, better model.  It has 9 trays!   I also got some of those Paraflexx sheets for it, so I will working on some Fruit leathers & stuff like that! 
I knew it was coming so I had wheat berries ready for it!


vehementflame said...

what, you win the lottery? oh, maybe you robded a bank on vaca?
ha ha- I love the dehydrator- I want one for my b day thanks for the tip:) and I have been using my icecream maker like a mad woman too- made sour cherry sorbet with coconut milk custard today - umm, YUM! xoxox

Erin said...

Lottery? Uh... no.
I did get my tax refund, but I also got some bonuses at work & announce to my husband that I 'deserved' some fun new toys that would GREATLY enhance our new healthy lifestyle & Joe went with it. (It was easy)
There is one more THING I really want & almost need, remember you asking me about lead in Crockpots? Well, I still haven't researched that, BUT I found this really cool looking Clay Crock Pot/Rice Cooker thing. They're about $120, but they are programable & supposed to be really healthy, with no glazes, etc...
will you do me a HUGE favor & take a look & tell me what you think?
You should also know that all this is in the wake of finding this amazing Crockpot at Williams Sonoma that has an insert you can brown your food in on your stove top & then program like crazy - sounds like THE answer to all Crockpot complaints, right? Well It's nearly $400!!! And it's cast aluminum covered in teflon, so I'm thinking those are all big no no's...
Sour Cherry sorbet with coconut custard? sounds VERY interesting....recipe?
Oh, I've missed you so! XOXO

Sprouts said...

How are you liking your food dehydrator so far. Can you tell me about the cons and pros of the model that you purchased?

You also mentioned that you are sprouting. What is your favorite seed to sprout?

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