Sunday, June 21

Back Door Screen Project

So, ever since we began the remodel, Joe has always talked about turning the back door into something special. When we were door shopping we kept seeing this really great beefy castle door with wrought iron & a speak-easy. It was awesome, but super expensive, so we ended up with a really nice Mahogany door that was in our budget & 2.5 years later, Joe finally had his way with it.
So he cut out the center section of the door:
We found the Wrought Iron grate at Tuesday Morning for $99, it didn't quite fit the door the way it was, so he took some bits off & re-arranged them to make it work, he had some help from the guys at work...

We still have to put screen up, but it was special order & has not come yet.
Isn't it gorgeous? See the cool latch to keep it shut?
This is what it now looks like from outside.
Awww! So proud!


twoandtwinsmom said...

It looks just as good in the pictures as it does in real life!!! What a guy! Go JoeBacon! I'm so proud too. ;)

Erica said...

That looks great!!

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