Thursday, April 23

Vacation Part 1

Ok, so I have explained about how MUCH I love Spring, right?  Well, traveling in the Spring is simply the best!  The weather is not too hot, yet the sun is warm & that makes me VERY happy...
So far, we've spent 2 nights in Las Vegas, our timeshare-dealy got us a 1 Bedroom overlooking the pool, which would not normally appeal to me but it was great, there were water slides & that was the main point of going there.  Some friends cam to visit for the day & the boys were IN HEAVEN in that pool!
We were blessed to be given tickets to see Phantom of the Opera at the Venetian, it was AMAZING!  We got seats right under the chandelier! ;)  For those of you who have not seen it, I will say no more.
So then we headed to Williams, Arizona to meet up with the folks & do the whole Grand Canyon Railroad adventure thingy.  It was AWESOME.  We could not have asked for better weather, clearer skies or more fun! 
(Me at the Grand Canyon)
So yesterday the family took the kiddo & headed home so Joe & I could spend some time 'alone' to try & be romantical to celebrate our 3rd anniversary. So we spent the afternoon in Flagstaff, which was great, had the BEST MOCHA EVER!! ....such a neat little town!  Then we came to Sedona, I swear it is one of THE most gorgeous places on earth!
(Me in Sedona, kissing the "chicken", which is actually Coffee Pot Rock, but from this angle I thought it looked more like a chicken...)
We don't get cell or internet at the hotel so we're enjoying a lazy morning at the local coffee shop & took a mo' to bang out a quick post to show you all some love...
Stay tuned for Part 2....amazingly there is more, this is a long trip! ;-)


vehementflame said...

you are just too cute! sunds like you ae having a great time! Enjoy yourself and lay off all that crap. I mean junk food! Hooo hoo! that's okay - I forgive you! every time I goto my dad's I crave a coke and chips(dn't eat them) but he has that kinda stuff there!

twoandtwinsmom said...

Love the pix! While you are out there having fun, we are planting the world, and your garden! Tomorrow we make it out to your yard to make the mushroom stuff pile. We'll talk then! Keep enjoying yourself and yeah, don't eat all the yucky stuff you want to!

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