Sunday, November 23

Mexican Food ROCKS

Well, we just returned from a week in the Riviera Maya. We had a condo so I did do some minor 'cooking' during our stay to save on eating out. That said, we still did eat out & man do I love it! We had tacos arrachera, tacos al pastor, quesadillas, Sopa de Fideos Seco (so good!), lime soup, ceviche, lots of chips y salsa, some guacamole...and even that which wasn't phenomenal, was pretty darn good! Wash it down with some Corona's with lime & add a beachfront terrace overlooking the Caribbean Sea & you've got yourself a DREAM! Well, I do, anyway! lol
While I love food in general, Mexican has definitely been one of my most favs for a very long time. It's funny, living where I do there are lots of Mexican 'implants', thus we have access to some great Mexican restaurants in the areas we frequent, but I really have only a few 'Mexican' items I make, and I wonder at their authenticity....I mean I can make a pretty yummy pico de gallo, but that's pretty darn easy. I make a very popular enchilada casserole, but it's far from authentic! Chicken & creamy soup....? Not so much in the traditional Mexican pantry! lol I'll have to work on that!
In the meantime, I really enjoy vacationing in this gorgeous country & look forward to many more trips, perhaps we can start moving away from the traditionally touristy spots & head inland....unfortunately, I'm having some serious technical issues with my camera so at the moment, I don't have any I can share, but stay tuned....

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